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Website with a good content, design, layouts etc. gets good SEO rankings. It is very difficult to audit and keep in track with the progress. SEO has become a very important part of a website’s progress as it helps in developing and updating the website on various levels. So to check whether the website is making any progress, SEO audit tools are used.

SEO audit tools are those that help you track your website’s performance on Google as well as the amount of traffic the website has managed to gather. There are various SEO audit tools that are helpful for auditing your website.

Following are 5 SEO audit tools from the many to check your website’s performance:

  • Google Webmaster’s Tools:

Google Webmaster’s Tool helps you see how Google actually analysis the performance of your website and gives you information and also clears all your doubts. This can be done best through Search Console. It is the best way to know the performance of your website.

  • SEO Report Card:

SEO Report Card helps you do an overall analysis of your website. Built by UpCity, it analyses the rank, link building, and the website accessibility and many more.

  • Deep Crawl:

Deep Crawl gives you all the information about the progress and the ups and down’s faced by the website. It also helps you by informing about any errors or issues in the website. It gives you the competitors progress reports as well so that you can compare and bring changes in your website to compete with your competitors.

  • MOZ Crawl Test:

MOZ crawl test finds out the SEO opportunities, website growth and tracks the overall website report. It has its own web crawler that checks the URL links progress and send the email at the end with all the required data.

  • Check My Links:

Check my link is useful when you want to know the links attached (external or internal) whether they work or not. It also helps in checking whether or not there are broken links in the website. This helps when you want to know whether a particular link works or not.

Hence, these are the audit tools that help best in keeping check with the progress of your website and the search engine optimization.


SEO helps you with the ranking and listing of your website on search results page. SEO helps you to create a mark and be visible to people when they search for your website. Thus, it is very important to go SEO companies that are best in doing what they do. Following are the top 7 SEO agencies in the world.

  • WebpageFX –Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

WebpageFX is considered to be the best in the industry. The reviews from their clients have been positive and the clients describe them to be perfect in doing their job. The clients have found them to be hard working in all their projects. They have also mentioned that if the agency does not have the knowledge of any particular topic they include/find someone who has the best knowledge about the topic in their team to deliver their best.

  • Zeevo -Christchurch, New Zealand:

They are the leading experts in web applications, mobile apps, bespoke design, and custom development. They have done 15 years of custom digital work. They have served 1200+ customers who have been satisfied with their service. They have been trusted by some of the biggest Australasian brands for over 14 years. Brands such as John Deere, Vero, and many more.

  • OnKetking -Mumbai, India:

This company aims for good and positive results. They work on design/content changes and their prime focus is on the return on investment that they generate for their clients. Their clients have mentioned that they offer excellent service and answer all their doubts instantly.

  • Page Traffic- New Delhi, India:

They have served 5000+ clients since 2002; they have offered their services to big brands and small brands alike. They have customers across 36 countries. They offer services like Search engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Link Building and Online Media Buying. The clients have talked about them giving top rankings. They have satisfied their customers with their overall service.

  • SocialFix -New York, New York:

SocialFix offers a wide array of other services to their clients. They offer services like SEO, video production, website design, strategy & branding, web development and social media. Clients have been satisfied and have given positive reviews about the company and their services.

  • Ignite Visibility -San Diego, California:

They are considered to be the best in California. They offer services such as search engine optimization content, online reputation management, social media, pay per click, conversion rate optimization, web design & development and many more. They are recognized as the top conversion rate optimization experts.

  • Inflexion Interactive -Hoboken, New Jersey:

They focus on providing excellent and customized search engine optimization services. They offer services such as research & analytics, mobile marketing, web design & development and marketing services. They provide clients with resources, tools, on-going feedback necessary to generate growth.




Image result for Video marketing

There has obviously been a buzz that has been going around how digital marketing is beneficial and how it is the future of marketing etc. But ever thought there may be something that’s quite different from the normal marketing that is being done? Digital marketing is no kids play but we all know its pros and cons. What digital marketing is and what it includes. All the in and around information of digital marketing. But there is one form that’s unique, creative, innovative, hard and interesting at the same time.

Video Marketing.

Video marketing can be however you want it to be. It contains the same rule as digital marketing-“CONTENT IS KING”. Content is a very important factor to be kept in mind while video marketing for your brand, company, product, and service.

Video marketing is a place where you can experiment with your wild creative and innovative ideas. But you should keep one thing in mind there is a fine line between normal wild and extensive, non-acceptable wildness.

Many of the marketing campaigns lack that. Video marketing is where you promote your brand by making a small short ad film. It obviously needs concept, and as it is a film, you need the story line of you will promote the brand or product etc., through that one short ad film.

You will need a team particularly for video marketing because it is not just about making a random small ad film and posting it. It is lot more than that, it has editing, sound, appearance and subtitles etc. Always remember to be in the guidelines of the content and concept. Never get side-tracked from the main concept as it can hamper with the content projection.

The other thing you must know is where you want your ad film to appear. Of-course it will be appearing on television, but that is your decision whether you want to or not. So it is important to decide where you want to host your video.

One more thing that needs to be remembered is to keep your budget in mind. As this is a new form of marketing and you are experimenting never go on a full big budget promotional video marketing strategy. Go for a smaller one. Once you are sure you can move forward with your budget.

Decide on an early stage what promotional strategy your video must have. Never go without a planned promotional strategy. Planned promotional strategy includes the pros and cons of the video marketing that you are going to perform. Whether it will make a mark in the market or not.

The last thing to be remembered is never go for video marketing if you cannot manage it. If it is not what you are best at doing opt for a different marketing strategy. Video and images create a huge effect in the minds of the customers. So never go for video marketing if you are not sure, if you are not ready with a proper content and all the things mentioned above in this article.

These are some of the important points that need to be kept in mind while going for video marketing which indeed is a wide range filled with many creative opportunities.





Image result for google algorithms


Google has always come up with the new algorithms for updating and improving the search results. Following are the algorithms that are very important for search marketers.


Hummingbird is the name for the new search platform that Google is using from September 2013, the word hummingbird means “precise and fast”.  It is used so that the query searched is not just taken into account by its words but also by the whole sentence. The main goal is to match the content both with the query and with the main website page.


Google Mobile Friendly Update was introduced on April 21, 2015. It was introduced with the aim of enabling web pages to go mobile friendly. It means that the web pages would appear customized for mobile search results. It is also named as mobilegeddon and there are various names like mobilepocalyse, mopocalypse or mobocalypse.


Google Panda Update was released on February, 2011. Its main purpose is to stop websites that have poor content quality from appearing on the search results page. It is always updated from time-to-time.


Google Penguin Update was launched on April, 2012 to catch sites that spammed the search results page. It also helps sites gather a Google ranking by removing links and sites that spam the search results and other websites.


Google Pigeon Update was launched on July 24, 2014 for the U.S. English Results. This was introduced to improve the local search results and provide relevant and accurate results. Google stated that this will improve the distance and location ranking parameters.


This was launched on June 11, 2013. It was introduced to clean up the “spammy queries.” This was done so that the rankings are not given to the wrong query terms and words.


This was launched on August, 2012. This was designed to filter and prevent sites that have copyright infringement reports from ranking well in the Google’s listings.


Google launched this filter on September, 2012. This was introduced to stop poor content sites from getting a good ranking on the Google’s Search Results only because of the matching terms with the domain names.


This was launched by Google on January, 2012. It was done to prevent sites that were having ads more than limit from ranking well in the listings. There are fresh updates done periodically.

These are the new algorithms launched by Google that come a lot in handy for the search marketers to have a good ranking/listing on the search results.

BitCoin- The Digital Currency You Need To Know About.

BitCoin is also known as the Digital Currency. Digital Currency is an Internet-based medium of exchange it is very different from banknotes and coins. It allows instant transactions and border less transfer-of-ownership.

BitCoin is a new payment system that was found by a group of programmers. It was found under the name of  Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin was introduced on 31 October 2008 to a cryptography mailing list, and released as open-source software in 2009.

BitCoin reference was used in Art, Entertainment and in the field of media and also in academics. BitCoins are created electronically and not printed like other currencies. BitCoins are used to buy and trade things electronically. BitCoins are not controlled by anyone.Bitcoins are mined,  using computing power in a distributed network.

Bitcoins have several characteristics, they are:


There is no centralized authority for bitcoins unlike other currencies that do have a centralized authority that decides when to produce the currency and how it will flow. But in case of bitcoins if there is any problem in the network as bitcoins are produced electronically, they just keep on flowing.


Normally, it takes a lot of time and energy to set up a bank account. You are made to go from one desk to another or told that your missing a certain document. But in case of bitcoins it is all easy, because everything is digital.


The transactions and payments are done on a faster rate, than the normal currency that at least take  a little time to complete a transaction.

Bitcoins are being considered in the IT sector, Programming sector and the business sector for its beneficial characteristics. Like every other currency system even bitcoin has its own disadvantages. There many pros and cons that are still being thought upon before it is used on a wider scale.

**The article has been written with reference and help from the information given on Wikipedia and**


The Best Social Media Campaigns In India For 2016

Social media is a huge platform where billions and billions of people are seen on various networking sites and applications. Social media in the present day has gained a lot of popularity. Thus, creating a new way of marketing campaigns.

Social media is indeed a huge place and it is not easy to make a mark in the social marketing field. Let’s see the one’s that managed to create a positive mark. #ThingsDon’tJudge

In this ad campaign we see that e-bay has gone in a different direction. In this ad we see them breaking all the stereotypes. This ad was very different from what their competitors. This ad was very welcoming on Facebook as well as Twitter by gaining a lot of views.

Snapdeal #UnboxDiwaliSale

Snapdeal brings another creative ad campaign. It manages to gather views on Facebook that helps them gather traffic to their website. They always come up with new taglines which manages to keep them unique from the others.

Parachute Advanced #KhulKeKheloHoli 

This ad gained a huge positive response from social media platforms. This ad features how holi is not just about colours but also about having fun and celebrating together irrespective of who they are. This has managed to give a social message as well as give a smile on our faces.

Thus, These are some of the best social media marketing campaigns that have managed to create an effect on the public. The best way to have a successful marketing campaign is to know the audience and deliver the right content.



Types Of Marketing Strategies.


strategy icon

Marketing strategies are strategies that are used to define different policies for the betterment of the business. Marketing Strategies are plans, goals, missions that each and every company aims to achieve. There is no number for the types of marketing strategies because they are many.

Strategies depend upon various situations because there can be situation where you need to make immediate strategies for immediate results.


  • The important marketing strategy is SWOT analysis. SWOT is an acronym for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats.

Swot analysis helps to analyze a situation, a company, it also helps to analyze your opponent.

  • The other marketing strategy is to take care of your customer’s needs and wants. It is very important to know what your customer’s actually want and need.

The best way to do that is to opt for customer research strategy where you know all about what they currently want and what they actually need which are two different things.

  • Now the third marketing strategy is to produce good quality products that helps you stay in the market for a longer run. Making quality products is an important aspect but to provide proper and accurate information to the consumer is the strategy that needs to be followed.


  • The fourth strategy is based on maintaining customer loyalty, that can only be maintained through proper customer service. The duty towards customer’s should not be forgotten as soon as they purchase the product but should be continued through after sale service.


  • The other marketing strategy is to go digital with your products and services. Going digital helps you to connect with people on a more larger and broader scale. As people are using the new digital services on a larger scale, it helps you to go and become more creative.


  • The other marketing strategy is related to the company itself. It is about satisfying your employees and that means to keep the work environment proper and also to market the product in such a way that the employees themselves use the product and do the mouth-to-mouth publicity which is also another marketing strategy in itself.

Thus, these are the basic marketing strategies that will help you deal with the small problems and situations that will help you curb the bigger ones.

The Best Feminists Advertisements of India


There have been various advertisements that have tried to sent the message of breaking the stereotypes in our society. Some have managed to portray the message successfully while some have not. There are many ads out there that have portrayed feminism. Let’s see some of advertisements that have managed to bring a smile on our faces.

Titan Raga- The Raga Woman Of Today #HerLifeHerChoices

Titan raga campaign has managed to gain a lot of positive reviews for almost all their ad campaigns. This one is no different. This ad features actress Nimrat Kaur, where she is shown as an independent women who has moved on after her marriage does not regret making that decision. And it also successfully shows how it’s not always necessary for women to adjust.

Titan Raga- When Is The Right Time To Get married? #HerLifeHerChoices

Once again Titan has managed to create the right effect through their campaign. In this ad, we can see actress Katrina Kaif speaking about the right time to get married . And it just doesn’t stop there, the ad also gives out the message of being you, making choices that you want to and also taking decisions that you are comfortable with and also know are the right ones.


Anouk by Myntra- Bold is Beautiful | The Whispers

This beautiful ad shows us how a single mother independently takes care of her child. It also shows how the society cannot help but whisper. It shows an independent women is taking care of her child and is also proud about it, because she doesn’t need anybody to help her . It breaks another stereotypical taboo that is present in our society.


Anouk- Bold is Beautiful | The Calling

Myntra has been creating beautiful ad campaigns that manage to gather and target the right audience. In this ad we can see that how one is discriminated in their workplace and also the strong response that is given.

Ariel #ShareTheLoad

It is a beautiful ad where a letter from a Dad is given to his Daughter apologizing about the way things have been and the way things could be. The video does the excellent work of sending the message.

Brave and Beautiful- Dabur Vatika Salutes Cancer Survivors

The ad is all about supporting the cancer survivors and also telling us that inner beauty is the most important aspect than other. One must have confidence and never feel low just because of what society may say.


These are the ads that have done it right by showing that women do have an important role in life and not just what the society portrays her to be.








5 Marketing Campaigns That Turned Out To Be The Worst Of All Time.

Marketing Campaigns aim to show ads that display the right content and to also let people know about their products and services. Some have managed to gather good reviews while some managed to gather mixed reviews or bad reviews you could say. But there have been some marketing campaigns that turned out to be the worst marketing campaigns ever!.


First in the list is obviously, Fair & lovely. Ad which shows that the girls are already perfect and when they are using the Fair & Lovely cleanup face wash they have it lathered up just on their fingers. No water or face wash is seen on their already makeup perfect faces. Showing only fair girls can get jobs irrespective of their intelligence is racist and stupid.


Second is Colgate’s “Kya Aapke Toothpaste Mai Namak Hai?”( Does your toothpaste have salt?) campaign. This is one of the most hilarious and irritating ad. Featuring actresses Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutta coming out of no-where just to ask this question. This ad aims to show that  Colgate Active salt can solve the teeth and gum problems which is so not true. So through this ad Colgate makes it to the second position.


This Deodorant company projects such a blunder that makes you hit the television screen with your remote!. Women getting attracted to men just because of the scent from these deodorants is non-sense. There are customers that have literally mentioned that the ad is stupid because you cannot woo a girl just by a scent from the deodorant. These deodorant companies need to stop projecting such ads which make no sense at all

See what I am saying?

IIN (Idea Internet Network)

Well, the Idea network really felt that the studies that we do are all a waste because through IIN its different and everything is supposedly easy. There have been a lot of jokes and memes that have spread across the social media based on this ad campaign. There may be some good motives but the way of projection has not really been  that sensible.


Last but not the least, the ad by Amul macho where a girl is shown hopping from one terrace to another also climbing on a pole just to get a glimpse of a guy exercising in his underpants. The most hilarious part is when the guy catches her watching him, he just gives a smirk! Utter Non- Sense!

(Not many photos were available related to this ad)

In conclusion all I have to say is while creating a marketing campaign see to it that it is in interest of the public that watches it. Keep the sensitivity in mind before filming any type of ad campaign.

5 Brands Now Synonyms To Product Categories.

There were many brands in the past, but now they have become some of the commonly used names in the present. Following are 5 among those brands that have become synonym to product categories.


It was a company that first started the system of photocopying documents. It was a something that was never used on a high scale. Now, Xerox has become the synonym for photocopying. All due to its increase in the amount of usage and importance. People now refer Xerox over photocopy.

        Image result for xerox




The famous search engine which was once a brand, used by very few has become a synonym for the word ‘search’. People now refer to search as “Why don’t you just GOOGLE it?”.

Image result for why don't you just google it


A Johnson & Johnson product Band-Aid is a gauze and Adhesive bandage. Simply known as bandage, which is actually its name has now become Band- Aid a common name for all the gauze and adhesive bandage


A soft drink, a brand name for a product launched by Hamdard is a squash. There are many squash brands but they mention it as Rooh Afza. It has now become a common synonym for all the soft drinks that have the same ingredients as Rooh Afza.


Vaseline is a petroleum jelly brand launched by Hindustan Unilever. There are various petroleum jelly brands but people have become habitual and vaseline is being used as the common synonym for it

Megabrands: 12 runaway hits that changed the game


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